Amur and East Siberian brown bear - one of the most dangerous and huge predators on the planet. The process of hunting for brown bear awakens in man the ancient instincts and emotions that have never experienced in any other situation.

Manchurian wapiti - Izubr, very beautiful and majestic. This animal inhabits the northern regions of China, in Russia - from the Baikal region to the Far East, where most often conducted trophy hunting for deer this subspecies.

My friend and hunter Antonio Regueiro still arrived in Khabarovsk. It was his second attempt. In 2013, due to bad weather conditions in Magadan was not able to participate in the hunt and moved in 2014! Khabarovsk met my friend the sun and quite warm early spring. Antonio amazing person and obviously very experienced hunter. Antonio has hunted with us on snow sheep in the Okhotsk. It was a fantastic hunting, when Antonio with one shot extracted two trophy snow sheep.

Got the first Siberian bear, we have made the necessary and has already become almost ritual manipulation. Huntsman Vladimir prepared trophy and I could qualify as Antonio to photograph in the background and with a hunted bear. Trophy proved really worthy and was immediately length measurements skins from the nose to the beginning of the tail. It really was presented at the roulette meter Safari Club International (SCI) - 238 sm. I hope that getting the trophy already in Spain, Antonio measure and skull-like head hunting trophy this!

     At the January convention of the International Safari Club Michael Humma from Frontier Safaris and Dennis Leveque from Pelly Lake Outfitters told me the good news.Six American hunters have accepted our proposal for spring hunting East Siberian brown bear. Experience in conducting such a hunt for 6 people we had a little, we usually restrict participants, no more than four. And each of the hunters would like to get at least two trophies. But this was a case where such hunting to do and make it 100% successful!

      License obtained by me and permit in upper river area Si was taken out of my balance. Early season hunting ungulates always awaited among these hunters seeking the taiga for new experiences and trophies.

Far eastern roe deer
Far East Russia is Khabarovsk area. In its southern and central regions (Amursky, Bikinsky, Vyazemsky, Khabarovsk, Nanai and Lazo District) areas is high numbers of Far Eastern roe deer.

Okhotsk snow sheep live in all plant tall places, but in a narrow range from 300 m to 1200 m above sea level. Snow sheep - sedentary animal. When in September disappear bloodsucking insects, animals of all ages to graze on the rich forage tundra and mixed form large herds. This is the most peaceful and favorable period in the life of snow sheep, lots of feed and there are no bloodsuckers. In September, forming large herds of short-term, up to 40 species snow sheep, but as soon as the snow falls, sheep are divided into small groups.

 Himalayan or Asian Black Bear (lat Selenarctos thibetanus) ranges Southeast Asia and the Primorsky and Khabarovsk region of Russia. (Far East Russia)The Amur region subspecies (lat Selenarctos thibetanus Ussuricus) are the largest species of the bear.

Amur moose he's there Ussuri moose

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